0.3 KBM's Fitness Philosophy

This lesson is AUDIO ONLY for maximum potency. Close your eyes to absorb the content or grab a notepad and pen to start taking notes on the things that resonate most. Listen below!

KBM Fitness Philosophy Key Points:

  1. Embrace inconsistent consistency.
  2. Move alongside ALL of the parts of you instead of thinking you are your worst enemy.
  3. Identify the type of cup movement fills for you (and if this changes cyclically).
  4. Identify where you fall on the movement spectrum and if its aligned with your goal.
  5. Let go of perfectionism and weave your own story into your exercise journey.
  6. Move for the cycle you have now, not the cycle you think you should have.
  7. Cyclical fitness does not take the place of proper nutrition and sleep.

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